Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Fifth Season" when native plants rest Talk with Rainy Tour

This past Sunday a few inquisitive, hardy souls joined me at MuRefuge for a talk sharing thoughts about BE-ing Rooted here in the Mediterranean Biome (see previous post for information about this region).  We gathered inside for talk then ventured outside to the garden and rain.  Here are some pictures Harmony
Susalla.  Through  you can read about Harmony's adventure into the fabric design world and see pictures of her lovely organic fabric.

Dwight's sculpture amidst rhubarb

Raindrops on the showy native clematis by MuRefuge's front entryway

Vegetable beds in transition from old recycled redwood to cinder blocks which will  hopefully deter gophers

Perennial sunflowers in bloom

New Evening Primrose plant

View of MuRefuge looking West from South patio

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  1. Incredible pics reflecting an amazing day with awesome company!!
    Enormous thanks,Cathie!!