Friday, May 12, 2017

All Is Well

Last week I heard a ruckus in the
duckyard. When I went to see
who was so unhappy, I found
the broody Toostie Roll, in the background in this picture,
INSIDE the BE BEs enclosure. She had figured out
how to get in but not to get out, AND once
was not enough . . . she trapped herself several
times in an effort to BE with her younger sisters.
Sunrise, with the sun actually shining on this morning here at MuRefuge, casts a lovely glow upon the blooming 'Martha Roderick' Alumroot ((Heuchera micrantha) and all the surrounding lush green plants. Ah . . . meditating on the loveliness as I sit in stillness. "All is well."

This week on Tuesday past was a momentous occasion: the BE BEs joined their five sisters in the duckyard. This is the first picture taken of them all together beneath the just beginning to flower Buckeye Tree (Aesculus californica). "All is well."

The BE BEs quickly ensconced themselves in the "pond" which is actually a sunken antique bathtub. Overhanging the water are healthy, thriving Native Rushes (Juncas patens) which at this time of the year are beginning to flower and soon will produce seeds the ducks love to eat. "All is well."

Soon they were all foraging together as though all seven have always been a flock. "All is well."

And later on all seven ducks are pictured here near their food trays (located to the left of Coco who is on the far left) and stainless steel water bowls with nary a squabble. "All is well." Oops, Ms. Crone is missing in this picture;
perhaps BEing the most elderly of the seven, she has retired to a shady spot.

Not, here she is on the right with Coco and Ms. Blue. "All is well."

The picture below was taken with the evening sunlight illuminating the same as above 'Martha Roderick' Alumroot. "All is well."

Earlier today the flock poured through the veggie garden gate as it opened into MuRefuge's "backyard." Foraging among the Yellow eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium californicum) and beyond, all seven making joyous, happiness burbling sounds as creepy crawlies were found amidst the plants and mulch, and quickly ingested.

"All is well." May we each celebrate with a 

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