Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Offerings

Here at MuRefuge the humans aka "Two Leggeds" are aging; not a surprise as each BEing traverses this path. The male  is feeling especially "old" right now. To counterbalance this feeling the baby ducks' arrival offer a stupendous counterbalance for MuRefuge's humans, bringing palpable vibrant qi, aka wonderfully buoyant energy and filling us with joy.

These are the newest MuRefuge's inhabitants,
hatched Monday, March 13, 2017,
at Metzer's Farms
in California's Central Valley,
 just retrieved from beneath Cathie's top
where they rode from Rivertown Feed, in Petaluma.
In this picture they are two days old.
The two female Fawn and White Indian Runners
beneath the brooder light.
In the picture above you can see their home, a large cardboard box,
for the next few weeks in the upper left. 
Expect weekly updates so you will be able to follow the rapid growth of these amazing and treasured BEings. 

As the babies accompany me each morning beneath my top to let their big sisters out of their duck house, I


  1. An email from San Francisco: "The new ducklings are really cute!"

  2. An email from a local: "How endearingly lovely!
    Kate Weinberger"