Friday, January 27, 2017

Year of the Purple Fire Rooster

The Year of the Purple Fire Rooster begins today, January 28, 2017. "Since ancient times, the Rooster announces the dawn and is a representative of new beginnings." I for one am ever so happy for the end of the Purple Year of the Fire Monkey, for having been born in the Year of the Wood Monkey this past year has been full of unpredictable events, unsettling health issues for my family, and letting go of connections I once thought valuable for my well BEing but realized they were not.

This elegant rooster sits atop the sign for Food For Thought's
local thrift store in Sonoma County.

With Liu Ming's passing several years ago, I miss his insights into the qi of the coming year and his predictions based on that knowledge of that all encompassing energy. 

Interestingly I am finding with space created by the letting go, awesome people and interests to be passionate about are coming my way. Susan Levitt, whose Feng Shui book sits on a bookshelf in our library, also does Chinese Astrology with an annual overview much like Liu Ming did. I was delighted to find her predictions for the new year beginning today online. And you too can read them by clicking on her name that contains a link to reading her overview for the year.

Some predict the Year of the Fire Rooster will be a "powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward." Well, are we not here in the United States of America now faced with the powerfully divided factions in our country with seemingly no middle of the road for compromise and working together for the whole of our nation? Our recently inaugurated President is "in your face," uncovering beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and ways of life that heretofore have been conveniently swept under the rug for way too many years. Will the widening chasm in our country widen further or we will be able listen to the opposition and begin to hear one another's opposing views?

According to Chinese astrology the Year of the Rooster is filled with integrity and efficiency, and success comes to those who work hard in any endeavor. This year, like the last one, is a "Purple Fire" year which means the yin fire element still rules as it did last year.
 It is said that "yin" years are a good time to spend "in solitude and harmony with friends and family whenever possible."

Some more traditional adherents see this "earthly branch" as Phoenix rather than Rooster since the Greek mythological Phoenix more aptly depicts the qi readily available for spiritual and personal transformation during this Chinese year. So perhaps by each and everyone of us harnessing the qi of this mythological creature attributed with carrying out hard work with quickness and flexibility, and wanting to do a great job, we may initiate conversation and listen carefully to bring about change and deep healing for each other and for our country.

As we make the transition from the Year of the Purple Fire Monkey to the Year of the Purple Fire Rooster/Phoenix, may each of us repeatedly

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  1. "Hi Cathie-glad to see your blog is on Year of the Rooster, and your reflections on what it may mean were thought provoking! I just bought some US postage stamps announcing the arrival of this new Chines New Year. Love, Shannon