Thursday, January 19, 2017

There Are No Accidents

This morning as the tail end of the storm played out and the clouds slowly cleared for the moon, Saturn and Jupiter to appear, at first for short intermittent periods, then for longer and longer periods of time. This in and of itself allowed for an awesome morning sitting.

A while later when it was fully light and Shasta was out for her morning checking of her territory, she ran to the South fence. I was amidst a standing qi gong set by then and I could see nothing in the field. But wait . . . as Shasta was waiting by the fence looking Southward, not one, but a pair of foxes appeared, sitting still. I wondered what message this pair was bringing??

From Animal Teachings: Enhancing Our Lives Through the Wisdom of Animals,(2012) by Dawn Brunke:

"Integration helps us to bring together that which has been separated, segregated, forgotten, or lost. It exposes us to contrasting points of view, especially those that differ from our own. In order to reconcile opposites, such as the dark and light within ourselves, we must integrate.

Through integration, we gather subconscious fragments, pieces of ourselves that have been hidden away due to trauma, emotional distress, or denial and repression. As we acknowledge, accept, and reclaim these vulnerable facets of ourselves, we realize their important essential nature. Thus, we begin to see the unseen....

Fox teaches the art of detachment - how to be cool and not jump to conclusions. From Fox, we learn the value of waiting for opportunity. Fox shows us how to anticipate, make informed decisions, and use situations to our advantage.... Too much Fox energy encourages us to show off, which leads to disaster. . . .

Master of agility and finely tuned senses, Fox teaches us how to travel between worlds and integrate that which exist beyond ordinary reality into everyday consciousness. . . .

Foxes say ~ Much of our work with humans involves opening up your senses, helping you to observe life more keenly, and to experience the world more fully. To those who are patient and alert, we reveal passageways to different dimensions. We can help you to find such openings within yourself. We are guides to a special form of integration. But we can only lead you so far.

We experience deep peace through observing life, although we also know when to participate with gusto and delight. We value the art of timing and moving with precision. We find pleasure in knowing when to freeze and when to leap, sliding between moments to catch prey or escape predators.

We are foxy - skilled, finely tuned, agile, sly. If you need help in seeing more clearly, moving more deftly, or finding the way you fit into the world, come sit with a fox. We observe the world with alert agility."

On the day before our next president's inauguration, may we let go of our fear  for what might happen and anger that we did not get our way. May we go forward with an open heart and open mind, using the Fox integration message for guidance to heal and make our nation whole.

To support the process of discharging our fear and anger may we often


  1. From my "soul sister" in Arizona: "Hi Cathie--Very wise words for all to take in regarding the upcoming inauguration. The opening photo was especially striking
    I did not know you are an active practitioner of qi gong. I would like to become one too. Shannon '

  2. A comment from a local: "Thanks Cathie for a wonderful post ! Foxes are my favorite animal. Bobbi Loeb"

  3. Another comment from a local: "Lovely! Haven't seen my local foxes this year, but maybe I am just not being patient... Love them. pb"

  4. Beautifully said and shared. I'm hopeful we can choose love over fear and compassion over being right. Thanks for this.