Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Poignant Message, This Morning More Than Ever

This Roseleaf Sage (Salvia involucrata) is
in such splendor now with all the warm
rains and pleasant weather. This lovely
plant is primarily grown at MuRefuge for
the nectar it provides the year round residential
Anna's Hummingbird. As this photo was taken
one buzzed up to a flower and had a sip.

Wisdom Teachings For Our Time

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 07:27 AM PST
We all are deeply concerned about the aftermath of this very difficult and toxic electoral campaign. I invite you to join me in a daily practice of sending kindness and blessings and healing to those you have most disagreed with and who have disagreed with you. Begin with inviting healing and ease for yourself, and then, send it out into the country. Here is a lovely version of the ancient Metta practice, from the Himalayan Buddhist tradition, which I have adapted to express my own deepest concerns and desires. Please do the same, as you wish. Blessings to all….Penny
First, for yourself. And then, for your opponents, as you visualize them:
May I (May those who so disagree with me) be happy, healthy and whole.
May they have love, warmth, and affection.
May they be safe, economically secure, and free from fear.
May they know themselves to be respected, secure, and people of value and dignity.
May they celebrate the many layers of their identity, of who they are.
May all people find ease, peace, and well being.

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  1. A local email received:"Thank you Cathie for the Beautiful "Timely Message” ….. and the Beautiful and Inspiring pictures and words.
    It all helps to heal our souls. -Ann"