Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 183 of Year 2016

Today is exactly the middle day out of the 365 days of 2016. May we celebrate and review the part of the year past. Here at MuRefuge we have been so fortunate to host many avian families. Two broods of Western Bluebirds have been raised. Oh how I wish I could have gotten a picture to share: 4 youngsters and a parent sitting atop the trellis for Sasha and Tatiana's honeysuckle with the other parent sitting in the oak tree. 

Western Holly Grape (Mahonia pinnate) full of berries
Same bush denuded of berries by the hungry,
growing Western Bluebird offspring.
And there is also the family of Tree swallows being fed by Mom and Pop in the bird box Dwight situated in the dead curly willow just on the other side of our East most fence. There are lots of flying insects about for the parents to catch and quickly feed their babies.

And in the native clematis hiding the meters in the front of the house there is a California Towhee nest as well as one in the Roger Red grapes growing on a trellis on the patio.

Our resident cat has been living contentedly at MuRefuge for many years. He picked MuRefuge over the place across the gravel road where he was brought as a kitty for the then young female preschooler; she is now a teenager. She named her kitty John, then as he moved across the road he was first called Jack then Jax. None of those names really suited him nor did he respond to those names. 

So for some while I have been considering renaming him, yet again. Now that he has recovered nicely from a severe upper respiratory infection, the time seems right for a name change. The final nudge came recently when I read a blog post on the importance of naming animals to find a name for MuRefuge's cat. 

Not uncommonly when I use a reference book, the book falls open to the page of importance. Thus when I opened Flower Essence Repertory the page that appeared was the one for Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata [yellow]). The "Positive qualities" of this flower essence are "Essential or 'empty' consciousness, deep awareness of the inner Self, capable of transformation and change." These attributes seem to describe MuRefuge's cat. The following morning when this handsome male cat arrived at the garage door for his breakfast, I tried "Sage." He looked at me and I heard him say to me "You got it." Sage seems quite pleased with his name. Dwight and I are trying to break our habit of calling him Jax and honor his wishes to be called Sage.


There is a stunningly handsome buck in the neighborhood. He was trotting down our gravel road on a midday recently. His harem has produced a few offspring this season. A few days past a first year doe lost her baby deer who died just outside our South fence, reminding us all of the natural cycle of BEings on the planet and that not every baby survives.

As we review the half year past and contemplate the remainder of 2016 may we


  1. An email from Tempe, AZ: "Hi Cathie--I like your neat story on how Sage got his name. Gorgeous cat by the way.

    I decided my new car needed a name as "Edge" would simply not do. And over the guffawing of John and Marshall the name became Merwyn. I have long enjoyed stories of Camelot and Merlin in particular, and have treasured trinkets of wizards including a small stuffed wizard named Merwyn.

    Merwyn is Merlin in Welsh (I have some long ago Welsh heritage) and upon looking up the numerology associated with the name Merwyn- which was "5" I discovered that this name denotes a deep inner desire for travel and adventure- pretty neat for a car that I hope will take me to new experiences.

  2. Email from a cat person: "Glad for the update on mr. Sage. And the photos. He certainly is a sage cat to have chosen your garden as his refuge!