Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Belated May Day "Basket"

Beltane, a cross quarter day in the Celtic calendar, is a celebration of the shift from Spring into Summer. Passion and creativity are the focus where paper baskets of flowers are delivered to friends and neighbors, and pastel ribbons are tied to the May pole for children of all ages to dance joining forces to light their passion for transformation.

The flowering native Buckeye tree at MuRefuge.
This tree was planted in Fall, 1994, a "housewarming"
gift from my parents when they visited that year in October.
My belated May Day basket to you is filled with the Buckeye tree's flowers.

As we take this opportunity to become more attuned with our land and support her bounty, may we each


  1. A regular from Palm Springs: "Thats a great tree Cathie! Happy May!!
    Love ya! Andrea"

  2. From my dear friend in Tempe, AZ in my 72nd BD card: "I enjoyed your May Day blog. Doesn't seem unfortunately to get much mention these days - for many years when in h.s., college & recently at this address - I would fill empty strawberry baskets with sweet peas from my garden & curled ribbons and deliver to friends and family. No longer having the proper growing conditions for the flowers has meant a reluctant stop the the baskets."