Friday, December 11, 2015

Wildness this Winter Solstice

May each of us at this darkest time of year,
Winter Solstice, 
go within and revel in our wild nature.
For some belief systems Winter Solstice
is the New Year, an excellent time for new beginnings: 
experience wildness.

Last year at this time Dwight, Shasta and I were on our epic roadtrip with Stella safely carrying us through the natives' land in the Southwest. This wildness experience opened our hearts and minds to another realm. Recently we watched a PBS Special: River of No Return where a couple shared their almost a year in wildness. 

When we saw Ron Mattson's stunning condor picture taken at Horseshoe Bend just outside Page, Arizona (we were there just a few months later) in Birdwatching, we knew we wanted 
to share not only the picture but the message.

We use this California Condor picture
with the permission of the photographer,
Ron Mattson, winner of "online photo of the
week contest" for Birdwatching magazine.
He took the picture midOctober, 2014,
at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, where
we visited in December, 2014.
One of the reasons his picture was chosen"
"the individual is an unbanded juvenile.
This is significant. It indicates a chick that
was hatched and fledged successfully
in the wild - a critical step in the recovery
of this critically endangered species."

as you create in your own backyard a bit of wildness.


  1. An email received: "Thank you, Cathie, for sending this Winter Solstice greeting!"

  2. From Palm Springs an email received: "A very Happy Winter Solstice to you and Dwight.
    I love the picture of the condor at the Grand Canyon.

  3. A reply posted on Nexdoor Hessel: "Warm Winter Solstice to you, Cathie. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. I'll be reading!"

  4. Another email received: "Awesome updates & pic...THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing Cathie & Dwight!!!
    Vickie & Jason xoxo"