Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Glorious Sighting

Monarch butterflies used to visit MuRefuge in the Summer; of late not so much. Fall migration seems to bring Monarchs passing through routinely. However, while I was at the O.Co Coliseum this Thursday past enjoying an A's game, Dwight caught this glorious sighting on camera. 

And then he looked closer at the native milkweed and saw eggs the Monarch butterflies had deposited on a number of the plants' leaves.

Look closely and you can see the little single, white dots, eggs.
It was pretty windy so she chose the
shortest milkweed plants
to lay her eggs.

Since Dwight's glorious sighting, while working outside here at MuRefuge, I too have been blessed with similar sightings. Monarchs are such regal BEings and gifts to each of who are fortunate enough to see them. May we lament (and perhaps change some of our practices?) the rapidly dwindling population here in our Northern Hemisphere.

At this glorious sighting caught on camera, feel free to


  1. Such encouraging news. Thanks so much for sharing. Kathy

  2. An email from Palm Springs: "Great picture! As rare as they are anymore, that was a lucky find. People in the east say they havent seen any this year. I saw a pbs show on them a while back. Their central american hangout was amazing. Literally millions of bflies just hanging from huge trees.
    Thx, Cathie."

  3. Another emai, from Hercules, CA, this time: "Lovely !!! Thanks for sharing that."