Sunday, May 31, 2015

Older Generation

Now we are the "older generation." With the passing of Martha Nadelhoffer on my 71st birthday, May 14, at about the time I was born in Los Angeles, California, as well as the passing of William Gardner on April 07, 2015, the older generation of our parents, is no longer in their physical forms.

This is a copy of a very early holiday greeting card picture from Eva'a picture collection
Pearly Clyde Haynes born February 20, 1880 & passed September 24, 1967
Anna Wilhema Ernsteina Koch Haynes born February 19, 1883 & passed January 02, 1968
aka Grandpa and Grandma Haynes

This is a copy of a picture my mom gave me. From the notation on the back she says the picture was taken looking at the front porch in Wesley, Iowa, before the addition to the South side of the house and the house was raised for a basement. She ialso dentified those in the picture. I have added the passing dates that I have.
From left: Anna Kock (Cook) Haynes
     born on 02/19/1883 & died 01/02/1968 
          holding Irene Berth born 07/04/1914 & died 10/13/2010
     Clifford (half sibling) born 09/25/1904 & died 10/17/1919 of ruptured appendix
     Harley Walter born 05/25/1908 & died 05/11/1979
         on his knee, Martha Alma born 08/09/1912 & died 05/14/2015
     Evelyn Pearl born on 06/30/1910 & died ?

Those not yet born were in chronicological order:
     Erwin Joseph born 09/19/1916 & died 06/10/1978
     Arlene Margaruite born 09/21/1918 & died 01/20/2004
     Pearly Clair born 05/22/1922 & died 11/21/1965
     Donnadelle Ann born 06/03/1924 & died 12/02/2007

"My 3 boys Ma Haynes" is notation on the back of this photo

June, 1947
Weslely, Iowa
Haynes' sisters from left to right:
 Irene, pregnant with Barbara Jean

There is some copies of ancestral lineage information in my file cabinet. Would anyone
like copies of what I have on the Haynes/Koch (Cook) side?

BEing the older generation, well, I must say I am having some difficulty getting my mind
around that concept. I am reminded of what Grandma Haynes use to say, "everyone  around me is getting older except me." I would be interested to hear what each of you feel about this issue and of immortality which, of course, this is all about.

I still see Grandma Haynes in her garden. Often when I am out working and BEing in my garden I feel her presence supporting my work of restoration of MuRefuge. Do any of you have a connection with or thoughts of/about either of our grandparents? Please feel free to share them.

Native milkweed for the monarchs and native Globe gilia for the pollinators.
Native coastal milkweed amidst the Globe gilia in a "cut out" in our South facing patio.
As we each contemplate immortality may we 

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