Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ducklings' Update

For those of you following the story of the 2 female Indian Runners who came to MuRefuge at just under 2 days old, here's an update on their 8 weeks birthday. They are getting use to BEing with their big sisters. 

Yet these two youngsters spend most of their day floating about in the small pond, aka old bathtub, with one or all four of the older ducks, BEing vigilant, sitting nearby.

I am reminded that not all of you know the history of "laugh" so perhaps I could elucidate this signature reminder at the end of each post. I learned from the late laughing coach, Annette Goodheart (yes, that is her real given last name), that to laugh at what is not really funny in one's life, a cathartic process, releases emotions in the body. She use to say, "you have survived the trauma but the emotions of that trauma remain. Laughing discharges thse emotional remains of the trauma." So please feel free to freely


  1. From long time A's fans came this email: "When do the ducks start laying eggs?" And my resposnse is in the Fall . . . September or early October.

  2. From an amazing inner species communicator came this email: "Cathie
    The girls are so beautiful and big!
    The photo in the tub is pretty nice. 8 weeks fast.
    They look like they are doing just great now.

  3. Another email: "Adorable!!!!! So enjoy all the duckie updates....much joy in those pics!!! Much LOVE....Vickie '