Monday, May 4, 2015

A Message from Kwan Yin

I received the below forwarded email message from my friend, Louise Cochran, who lives in Vermont. The message seems to me to be an important one for each of us human BEings so I am posting it here for anyone interested to read.

A modern day Kwan Yin sculpted by Dwight.

KwanYin on the Earthquake in Nepal
Posted: 01 May 2015 05:51 PM PDT

I asked my Teacher,  Kwan Yin, to help us understand the terrible catastrophe and suffering in Nepal.  This is what she said:

At one level of understanding, the earthquake is simply an event in the ancient cycle of the massive tectonic plates scraping against each other and releasing enormous amounts of energy.  As you know, this is the geological source of the entire Himalayan range.  One must not ignore this level of understanding; it is foolish to grab some apocalyptic or punishment frame of analysis or interpretation.  It is absolutely not a judgment or a punishment.

All people suffer, regardless of their personal wealth or the level of development of their country.  It is deeply challenging to live in a human body.  Yet it seems such an event can be a stunningly powerful “tool” for awakening countless human beings to the deepest possibilities of compassion, inter-relatedness, and generosity.  It reveals instantly the ridiculousness of the claims of ego.  Perhaps counter-intuitively, it also reminds many of the stunning preciousness of human life.

Nepal has long been the seed-bed of profound spiritual understandings and practices, from the first generations of Hindu practitioners to the highly erudite Buddhist monasteries and wandering devotees.  The Himalayas have been extraordinarily fruitful.  And all this has emerged within the relative cycles of geologic compression and release.

May this great earthquake also serve to bring profound awakening both to the people of Nepal, as they struggle to rebuild their lives and figure out their relationship to modernity and self-governance, and to her friends and fellow citizens around the world.

Light candles and say prayers.  Send money, keep in touch, and encircle the country with your heart.  Encourage yourself and others to grow as deeply as possible, in response to the suffering of the region.

Thank you.  May I post this on my web site?

Yes, of course.  Now, keep your mind calm and open, and do what needs to be done.

Thank you very much.

As each of us ponders this message may each of us 


  1. From my Palm Springs this email: "Dwight, the sculpture of Kwan Yin is really beautiful! The details are so delicate. You must be very proud. Love.....A '

  2. Another email" "Absolutely touching ...such a beautiful and thoughtful message. Thank you so much for sharing, Cathie!!! Big Hugs.....Vickie xoxo"