Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Latest Additions to MuRefuge, Part II

A few days after these ducklings took up residency at MuRefuge, Shasta gave us a scare: her story later. After Shasta was recovering, several days later, while outside sitting in the native bunch grasses with the babies I noticed the bit smaller of the two had severe sternal retraction with each breath. YIKES! was my first reaction then I shifted in to my nurse mode. I gathered them up. In we all speedily went to the garage and returned the babies to their box. I mixed up a Self Heal flower essence and misted their box. The realization hit me, "this is from the cold experienced less than 24 hours after BEing hatched."

For the next full day I observed them. It was clear that picking them up and taking them outside must be put on hold. In the early morning of March 19, I put in a call to Shasta's inner species communicator. This particular baby embodies a very old soul duck who is very strong; otherwise she would be dead from the shock of getting so cold. To survive she drew herself deep inside to her core; now she is "uncoiling" with the quiet and warmth. The new metal water vessel is providing higher vibration of water which is good. This BEing was very clear she "really wants to BE here" and she is "Working on it." She does not see herself as a victim; the action of the human took was always a part of her "life line." 
The uncoiling process is taking this wee one back to BEing newly hatched. The cold threatened this baby's BEingness. The outcome is remains unclear. 

The baby, I call her a little tootsie roll, has now had the contrast between experiencing a human operating from her ego aka personality whose concern is with self and presently experiencing humans operating from a higher state aka essence which allows interconnectedness, thus concern, for all BEings.

A week has passed. Both babies are not only still in the box in the garage but are growing, seammingly doubling their size each week.  With the warm weather happening in Northern California we have taken them out to their patch of native bunch grasses, which Shasta likes to revel in too, a couple of times.

The nearer one in the picture is the one who had
severe sternal retraction which is now much less noticeable.
The one further away has been shocked as well: she
has and still does breath with her bill open on inspiration.
These toughies are now over 2 weeks old. They have imprinted on me as no other ducklings brought to MuRefuge. The burrowing into my hair is endearing and lovely to experience. I feel my BEingness expand as though there is no boundary.

As each of us contrasts self and Self, may we 


  1. An email from my friend in Palm Springs, an exrespiratory therapist: "They're adorable! I hope the resp. Issues arent anotomical.....stenosis? Hope theyre both all well soon. Love....Andrea Engelmann"

  2. Andrea, that was my first reaction, too, but with the communication thru the inner species communicator (Sandy Lagno), it's pretty clear the s/s are from the shock of the cold. As the babies grow and develop, the s/s are diminishing with each passing day. However, time will tell . . .

  3. Another email: "Cathie, Great posts. You had sent me a photo of them with you. The photos in the post were nice to follow read about. And that I got to work with you and them. Always a blessing. Have a great day. Lots of love,
    Sandy "

  4. Another email: "Hi Cathie
    Your babies and you are too cute. Thanks also for the celeriac, it turned out delicious.

  5. A neighbor's email: "Cathie, I read your blogs about the baby ducks. The ducks look wonderful! They are very cute and it looks like the bond between you and them is so there. I can see why the one that was impacted by the cold wants to "be" in this world. Especially if it means to be with you. Thank you. Jeanne"

  6. A email from Vickie, "AMAZING, Cathie!! So enjoy all your incredible babie duck pics and incredible updates!!!
    THANK YOU sooo much!!!
    Vickie xoxoxox