Friday, February 20, 2015

Sad But True

The climate is changing with what use to be normal rainfall
a thing of the past: Northern California has had only two
rain events this winter, via the "Hawaiian Pineapple Express,"
one in December and one in early February. March is predicted to be dry.
Sad but true, our artisian well is no longer running
and actually has not flowed for several years now.
Our small pond is dry, dry, dry, as you can see,
with moss growing where water use to stand.
Within my sadness is joy
Lying on the ground 
I can touch the heavens. --Rumi

Lying on this patch of native bunch grass brings me much joy. I can feel Mother Earth's
gently flowing energy beneath my prone body. While we humans continue to
pollute the planet, Mother Earth continues her gentle steadiness. Feeling her heartbeat
affords all BEings connection with her and with one another.
During this Summer like heat wave
in February I saw my first Pipevine Swallowtail
flitting about MuRefuge in search of
food and mate.
And this morning through the heavy blanket of fog I saw a badger crossing the field
South of MuRefuge. First the badger crossed the field from Northeast to the grove of eucalyptus trees while I was sitting on my zafu, then during breakfast the badger recrossed the field from the grove to the Northeast corner out of sight. "Badger: the Warrior Who Speaks the Truth. If Badger has chosen to appear to you, it is asking you to encourage that part of yourself that vigorously stands up for what you believe in....BEWARE of attacking an individual when the real enemy is their erroneous belief." 
from Spirit Animals by Victoria Covell and illustrations by Noah Buchanan. The badger's message to me this sighting is the BEWARE!

I fully realize I cannot change the "train wreck" happening on our planet. I love practicing rootedness and BEing here at MuRefuge. As my baseball idol, Ichiro says of BEIng an exemplar of baseball, "I lead by example" as I care for this small spot of land called MuRefuge.

No matter how much one may love the world,
one can live fully in it
only by living responsibly in some small part of it.
Where we live and who we live there with
define the terms of our relationship 
to the world and to humanity
--Wendell Berry

For discharging sadness and experiencing joy may we all


  1. Thank you Cathy for this wonderful blog, I enjoy reading your observations and seeing glimpses of yours and Dwight's well thought out environment. This time your quotes are profound, I will pass them on.
    I want to see a badger, I know they are around but not near us.
    Sometimes it's hard to laugh knowing about the train wreck we have created.

  2. Email from Palm Springs: "Thank you, Cathie,............always enjoy.
    Andrea Engelmann"

  3. Email received: "Good Morning Cathie, Love your beautiful messages & pics in your blog...thank you for sharing! Vickie XOXO!."