Thursday, February 12, 2015


MuRefuge's Aloe plant is having pups.
Aloe pups make great passalong plants . . .
Would anyone like a pup or two transplanted into a one gallon black plastic pot?
Looking through the seed catalogs this year I noticed a change . . . a remarkable one I am thinking.  Each catalog had seeds for open pollinated corn as well as heirloom corn for both flour and eating right off the cob. Since I am planning Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash) this year. I ordered Hopi Blue organic seeds from Territorial Seed Company and Anasazi Sweet Corn seeds from Bountiful Gardens. The pictures in these links are gorgeous . . . check them out!

The companies I order seeds from are listed as "some safe seeds to purchase to ensure Non GMO Seeds. Not owned by Monsanto.." How does the company(ies) you order from stack up?

All the ordered seeds for 2015 planting have arrived and planting dates identified. The Three Sisters plantings is my experiment for this season. Three Sisters will be planted in the veggie garden in a long bed and on the South side of the septic mound. To plant the latter Comfrey will be removed. Anyone interested in picking up some Comfrey root please let me know so I can let you know when the roots are available for planting.

From Vandana Shiva's new year's message
"We are all seeds . . .  for a while, we lie underground.
But at the right moment, we germinate,
and burst out with all of our potential."

I love Spring with all the bursting forth energy electrifying the air. As both self and seed
germinate and burst out, may we all 


  1. Email from my friend who lives in Tempe, AZ: "Hi Cathie - wish I lived closer for in addition I would be coming by often to pick up on your offer of cuttings and aloe pups. I'm outside most of the day now - have to take advantage of it before the heat arrives. Transplanting also lots of aloe pups, cutting off many many spider plant shoots and placing in rooting soil. I am leaving less greenery in pots now- and planting more into the yard for deep watering by irrigation. Keep sending your delightful musings!! Shannon"

  2. From extraordinae weeder: "Awesome updates and glorious pics....much fun and always so interesting, Cathie!! Much LOVE and hugs....Vickie '