Monday, April 28, 2014

Canary in the Coal Mine

When one is a "canary in the coal mine" one has difficulty understanding the knowledge being delivered, then determining "so what" while embracing humility in the process. During the ten years of experience healing the autoimmune dis-ease that allowed transformation from a workaholic to a more balanced life focusing on habitat restoration and interconnectedness, I discovered a sensitivity to the imbalances around me that other individuals around me did not seem to be aware of. Toxins in the environment, foods not easily digested (like soy, Brassica family especially raw, grain unless sprouted, and nuts) or foods indigestible by nature (like food prepared in a microwave), acid drinking water, fabric made from synthetic materials-- all these caused, early on in my healing, a violent reaction forcing me to bed and unable to keep anything in my stomach for days. This "canary in the coal mine" warning of what is askew in the web of life on our planet seems far fetched to many people and yet so real to others I encounter in my everyday life. In honoring this sensitivity/gift, the reminder that humility is "noble only when it highly values itself, which is not the same as low self esteem or lack of self worth" is ever so helpful.

Here in the Hessel Area of West Sonoma County there are many deer. Usually in the Fall we see a small herd of sometimes up to a dozen deer, usually with a buck present too. This late Winter past the congregation happened after the rains came and the grass greened and grew. A few days ago such a wonderful spectacle . . . just as dawn lightened the sky there was a deer standing, standing, standing for a very long time, perhaps an hour. And then a small creature was evident in the grass . . . "a baby deer running to mom for a snack" with the doe very attentive to her little one. As the little one finished nursing a second one showed up in the grass, also running to mom for a snack.

"If DEER has chosen to appear to you, it is asking you to encourage 
that part of yourself that is not afraid to be soft, gentle and humble.
     Deer spirit is the humility to not need to be seen or known, which of itself holds 
great value when it comes from a place of inner strength.  It watches from a hidden place 
and is quietly aware, not needing to speak what it knows. 
Deer is the inherent beauty of stillness and simplicity within, 
a gentle nobility that brings peace to its environment . . . "
"Deer Facts
Deer are the most common large wild animal in North America today.
A baby fawn is camouflaged by spots all over its back,
which looks to predators like splashes of sunlight on the forest floor.
Predators cannot smell fawns, for they are born without scent 
which develops after the first week of life.
A fawn can stand at birth and by the end of a week they are able to run.
If a doe has two or more fawns, she hides them in different locations
so that if a predator finds one, the others are safe.
Although generally deer run quickly from predators, 
doe protecting their fawns have been know to fight off
eagles, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions with their sharp hooves."
Spirit Animals
by Victoria Covell
illustrations by Noah Buchanan

This glorious sight reminds this "canary in the coal mine" that no appreciation from others is necessary; rather resting centered and balanced is of high value at this time on our planet of shifting, chaotic change. 

Heart shaped leaved Hoya purchased in Phoenix from the Botanical Gardens many years ago.
The blossoms are sporadic but gorgeous and drip with nectar.
One can only image what BEing is nourished by this delectable nectar.

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  1. I encounter many chemically sensitive people in my work and it is astounding to me what you have to content with both physically and mentally (from others)..... my heart, health and healing goes out to you. Thank you for what you endure and teach us! The world NEEDS you.