Friday, March 21, 2014

Apple Trees

This Sunday past after a visit to Harmony Farm Supply our apple trees are now adorned with oranges boxes housing the pheromone lures for codling moth control. For anyone interested in dealing with these pests using nontoxic methods, here is an in depth review of codling moth information you might find helpful. The information includes the life cycle of the codling moth which aids in the understanding of how to decrease the larval infestation of apples. Perhaps our small duck flock foraging in the orchard assists in the disruption of the cycle since they scarf down in short order any creepy, crawly BEings in their territory and sometimes flying insects, too.

MuRefuge's blooming Pink Pearl Apple trees
 adorned with protection against codling moth infestation.
May your apple trees be productive and without the invasion of the codling moth larvae.
And as you care for your apple trees may you

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  1. When I think of Sebastopol, I always think of apples! So glad you are carrying on the tradition!