Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

"Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year." 

Chinese New Year :: 2014/ 4712

Green Wood Horse

This Saturday past was Liu Ming's annual Chinese New Year presentation in Marin. Such an awesome few hours to be in the presence of such a powerfully spiritual BEing, a FIre Pig by his own admission. He had sage advice for anyone dealing with the epidemic anxiety of the modern world: Be who you are rather than "what you ought to be."  This suggested way of moving in the world is sort of like letting go of the habitual practice of pounding a round peg into a square hole. So Liu Ming suggests focusing on balance or equanimity 

which is a moment to moment practice of tuning in to NOW and making adjustments which can certainly be an antidote to the over the top sensory overload of these modern times.

In the past few cycles there have been secretive or hidden aspects. In the Year of the Wood Horse "what you see is what you get. What is perhaps most troubling about the Wood Horse is also what is most hopeful - that is, a kind of adolescent qi. . . When choosing business partners or consultants choose young ones. . . the Wood Horse expresses his/her feeling through action and not words. . . Injuries will be more common than illness and ignoring them more common than seeking treatment. . . Choose doctors with experience and integrity. . . the Spiritual Path is found embedded in work, ordinary routines and, if it is not too worn-out a phrase, the Zen of everyday life. . . Small things will be accomplished but big projects will stagnate. . . This year's immature Qi gives everyone a chance for new horizons and the great benefit of education. . . great year to enter school, start new disciplines, travel (for insight), stop postponing and reinvent your self. The Qi of the Wood Horse when shaped by wisdom and discipline matures into a profoundly capable and willing force for good. Harness it, geld it if necessary and then let it be a great servant."

From Liu Ming's brochure
Reflecting on this past Sunday's Super Bowl game, the most watched sporting event ever, the young football team of Seattle far out played Denver with its older, experienced quarterback, fully demonstrating this adolescent Horse Qi harnessed.

A bit more wisdom from his printed handout:

"The system of astro-cosmology in China has always suggested that the Universe is reciprocal - so what each person does adds up to the only Universe that is . . . do not be disempowered or enslaved by statistics, media morbidity, constant criticism or pop-science or religious dogma - make a better world! We can do it - we have no other job!"

As does Liu Ming throughout his presentation,

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