Monday, November 4, 2013

Spectacular Fall Color

We returned from the Eastern Sierras not long ago, staying for the first time at Twin Lakes Resort in a cabin. This particular cabin was a remodeled house moved from Bodie and we found it very charming and comfortable. The fishing season was still open so most of those staying at the Resort were fisherpeople.
Shasta and Cathie enjoying the sunshine
and spectacular Fall color
The BIG attraction for Shasta was all the deer that arrived mid to late afternoon.
Unfortunately we saw a buck with an arrow between his shoulder blades.
What was the hunter thinking leaving the buck in this condition?
The first full day we drove down the mountains into Bridgeport where we ate breakfast in our favorite spot: The Hays Street Cafe, visited the library where Shasta was welcomed with treats. An awesome dog book fell into my hands: The Possibility Dogs by Susannah Charleson and I checked out and read Luanne Rice's latest book: The Lemon Orchards which I highly recommend. We visited with friends we've made over the 20+ years we have spent time in this tiny town.

We took some hikes, mostly in our favorite places.

Shasta and Cathie along Lee Vining Creek.
Mono Lake as seen from the Lee Vining hike from
the town of Lee Vining to the Visitors Center,
which was closed at the time of our visit due to the craziness in our Nation's capitol.
Another view of Lee Vining Creek on our returning trek.
A lazy afternoon stroll along the Eastern end of Lower Twin Lakes.
A view of the Sawtooth Mountains from the Western end of Lower Twin Lake.
Aspen trees in all their splendor just a short hike from our cabin.
The full moon rising over Mono Lake.
And the full moon risen above Mono Lake.
Our very favorite canyon we visited, as well.

The beaver pond in Lundy Canyon.
Stunning color in Lundy Canyon.
Dwight looking out over Lundy Canyon.
Mono Lake as seen exiting from Lundy Canyon.
While taking in the beauty of these pictures


  1. very sorry i know of no sewers ...just wanted u 2 know yr posts enrich lives ( mine !) and u r best 2 u !

  2. Incredible to say the least.....Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME trip, Cathie & Dwight!!!
    So enjoyed viewing and reading the stunning a mini escape!
    Abundant thanks and love....Vickie

  3. Cathie-
    Just beautiful! I forwarded your link to John with a wish that we would find a place like this to return to every autumn. The scenes you sent speak to my heart.
    Happy November-

    Love, Shannon