Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Warm" and Sweet Six

For the first few months after Shasta arrived we were so sure we had another Nine. Now that she has settled, BEing here at MuRefuge almost as long as she bounced around nurmorous other locations, it is clear Shasta Girl is a "Warm" and exceptionally Sweet Six, leaning towards "Counterphobic". Borage, Mimulus, Sweet Pea and White Chestnut flower essence is allowing her to BE balanced.

Shasta beneath our bed

Shasta having an afternoon power nap in our Great Room.

Below is a picture series of Shasta
entertaining herself with a ball
outside in the sunshine
beneath the drying bed linen.

BEing with our Shasta Girl does evoke us to


  1. I think she was hoping the Buddha would rub her belly!