Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese New Year of the Yin Water Snake

Listening to Liu Ming enlighten each of us about this "ultravictorous" Year of the Yin Water Snake proved to be a glorious celebration. As usual this annual experience was awesome and thought provoking. He described the year's qi as split: "yin" predominates the first half of the year thus if   "no initiating" is practiced, then during the last six months under the influence of "water," one may experience more enlightenment. Liu Ming laughs often during his presentation, bringing levity to himself and all in attendance.   

Dwight's scupture: American Quan Yin

STILLNESS and VIGILANT were the predominate words Liu Ming reiterated when discussing the qi of the Year of the Yin Water Snake occurring once every 60 years. As I was sitting since the talk, the Enneagram spoke to me: stillness of personality i.e. less doing and less giving away of self; and vigilant aka awake/conscious of essence. In other words, this year of huge qi below ground (yin) is a good year to discover the “mystical” Self, the Self that personality mostly keeps hidden.

Still and Vigilant Shasta
lying beneath the flapping bed linens hung out to dry.
A Still and Vigilant Gulley atop Auntie T's refrigerator.

During this Year of the Snake Liu Ming suggests using the support of stillness and withdrawal ("this is where the power lies" . . .  within!) and asking yourself “where did I get this disposition?” And may beauty surround you during your journey.

Blooming Johnny Jump Ups

While partaking of this Year of the Serpent's qi, Liu Ming suggests a practice of "renunciation with intention,"

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