Monday, September 10, 2012

Sooner than Later

A very special BE-ing has come to live with us here at MuRefuge.

Her name is Shasta for the flower essence Shasta Daisy. I thought we would name her Daisy, Dwight suggested, "Shasta" so Shasta it is since that seems to suit her beautifully. She is estimated to be six months old and on Saturday weighed 31 pounds, which is about Rose's weight at that age.  Her exact breed mix is unknown but the educated guess is Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix.  A “mixed breed identification test” is on order so hopefully in a month or so her mix will be clearer.

Shasta’s Auntie T says "definitely Spaniel since Shasta looks just like my dog Tully. She was a Spaniel mix but only 20 pounds full grown."  As any of you who know Tanis would expect, she and Shasta hit it off big Sunday. She came to visit bearing a bag of gifts.  No doubt this visit was the first of many for these two!

In her short life, Shasta has been in four or more places ranging from Kern County, California to Utah. She found her way from the Marin Humane Society in Novato to MuRefuge.

We are all adjusting to one another.  AND it is just great to have a dog who is so ready to take walks plus loves to ride in the car. She is crate trained and eager to please. 

We are all signed up for a “companion dog” class which will begin later this month and continue for six weeks.  Very fortuitously the adoption counselor I worked closely with at the Marin Humane Society lives in Sebastopol and will be teaching this particular class at the Santa Rosa Humane Society.  

Dwight and I just completed reading Deborah Crombie’s book, No Mark Upon Her, recommended by my dear friend, Shannon. This particular book of Crombie's contains a plethora of information about dogs and their incredible ability to scent.  Both of us were intrigued with the power of the dog nose as well as the process of training dogs to utilized this ablity.  Along comes Shasta who is recommended for “scent training” so we will partake of just such classes later.

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  1. Oh WELCOME dear Shasta Daisy! What a lucky girl you are to be joining this lovely home. Hugs to you all!