Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rose and Babies

Let us be the always hopeful 
Gardeners of the spirit
Who know that without darkness
Nothing comes to birth
As without light
Nothing flowers.  
May Sarton, The Invocation to Kali

Rose, as most of you know, had her left rear leg amputated last midJune to remove the osteosarcoma, a highly malignant and painful tumor, growing in her knee.  She was a very determined Rose, ambulating soon after the operation so she could come home.  To all who have seen her the general comment is “she’s amazing” and her recovery seemed seamless.  Well, as any of you who have had physical challenges and recovered fully know, one needs to inhabit one’s body and deal with the challenge.  Rose is only now facing the realization “I have only three legs.”  She is in a Dark Place and Working so she can once again be in the “Fun (aka Bright) Place.” 

Rose deep inside herself
Before coming into physical form, aka body, Rose agreed to merge “wildness” and “domesticated”.  This Work seems to be all tangled with BEing in a body with only 3 legs.  And however simple this statement seems, the ramification are huge for Rose who if she was in the wild with a pack of wolves would be either driven out of the pack or killed.  Now that she lives with Dwight and me as a seemingly domesticated dog she had her leg amputated to remove the cancer AND now with sciatica in her remaining rear leg she is depended on us to get her into the house. She wags her tail when we approach her and then bares her teeth and growls every bit as ferociously as an animal in the wild.  To me this represents Rose’s internal conflict.

When Rose came to live with us we agreed to allow her to do her Work and to support her process.  What a learning experience, on many levels!  On the spiritual level for me, watching Rose brings evolution alive.  Humans began as single cells evolving to become a complex two legged.  When I went to church as a child, the literal interpretation of the biblical story “God created Heaven and Earth in six days and on the seventh rested” seemed, well, farfetched.  Evolution over millions of years makes way more sense to me.  And now watching Rose grapple with her four legged wildness in a domesticated setting brings me to the realization that two legged human spirits evolve from four leggeds who have completed their soul work at that level of evolution.  Then to take this further, perhaps human spirits who are just making the transition (with the global population explosion each spirit comes from some previous BEing does it not?) exhibit more aggressive behavior that is seen in wild animals.  "No wonder we have so much global unrest!" is what surfaces in my mind.

Rose Working using Mother Earth's abundant energy
While Rose is Working she is providing me with the fodder for my own spiritual evolution and for that I thank her.

On a lighter note, we have two new babies, female Blue Indian Runners.  To learn more about Indian Runners you can check out their history in the link below:

Since we wanted only two to add to our small flock of female Indian Runner ducks, we had ours transported along with the 300 Pekin ducks Salmon Creek Ranch ordered from Metzer Farms.  Chez Panisse in Berkeley is now serving this local organic ranch’s Pekin ducks on their menu.

First out of doors experience at three days old

"Isn't this world amazing and BIG?"

A fellow California native gardner, Victoria Wikle is spearheading Riverkeeper Park which you check out with the link below:
And last but not least, do you know that the scientific research is showing Monsanto’s Roundup to be more toxic to the environment that DDT which decimated the raptor population?  I am very sad when I walk or drive by vast swaths of ground sprayed with Roundup!  To discharge this emotion I remind myself to

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  1. thank you for sharing such personal and profound insights. blessing to all your flock.