Saturday, May 12, 2012

Momentous Events

Myself and Shannon with Rose
getting her "Spa treatment" for her sciatica discomfort
My dear friend, Shannon Dirksen, and I have been planning get togethers for so many years.  Each time our gathering is postponed due to illness or something that comes up in one or the other of our lives to thwart our plans.  This time however our time together came off without a hitch.  Shannon arrived from her research presentation in Portland, Oregon to the Sonoma County Airport and departed from the same.  We had such a grand time together!

The two female blue Indian Runners are growing up.  

Babies in their veggie garden enclosure where bird netting over the top of the
chicken wire prevents raptors from enjoying them for a snack.

Getting to and from the veggie garden. 

Blue Indian Runner ducklings in their enclosure
in the garage where they are kept warm with
a heat lamp.  Organic food and fresh water
are provided with daily fresh wood chips.
Earlier this week they turned 4 weeks old.  We moved them from their box in the garage and enclosure in the veggie garden to the duck house and and enclosure in front of its upright swinging door.  
The ducklings' enclosure now allows them to go into and out of the duck house during the day, that is when there
is not a large alligator lizard nestled into the wood chips beneath the heat lamp scaring them away.
Four weeks old and enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, bugs, and fresh
greens, like baby borage plants.  They will remain in this enclosure
until they have their feathers in about four more weeks.
The big ducks were none too happy with the sharing their house.  It took both Dwight and I to get them to go into the duck house for the first night; each ensuing night is getting a bit easier.  Quaking Grass flower essence is assisting the merging of the babies and big ducks.

Rose is healing.  AND we all 


  1. Those baby ducks are SOOOO cute! Love it!

  2. HI Cathie-this is my favorite posting of yours-and will probably always be so!
    It was indeed a wonderful time sharing your life at MuRefuge.
    I also enjoyed seeing the updates on the ducks. What are your thoughts on Rose –is she wanting to saty more now?

    Love you to you and Dwight-