Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Year of the Water Dragon

Dwight's photo taken at the Imperial Palace, Fall, 1998

This past week we spent a day in San Francisco.  I noticed much indication of the month long new year celebration for the Chinese living there.  January 23, 2012 began a once in 60 year cycle, the Year of the Water Dragon, and will culminate in the annual Chinese New Year Parade.  We love watching it on TV.  
In our usual annual fashion we attended the Marin side presentation by Lui Ming, a euro-American studying for four decades the sacred that resides in the Pacific Rim.  http://www.dayuancircle.comHis some three hour long talk is presented with lightness and humor offering a way of settling into the energy flow of the ensuing Chinese year.
My friend Lynette's blog entry, Remembering 2011 and Creating 2012, stirred up my thoughts about “new year” which for some is celebrated at Winter Solstice, for others it is the beginning a “new calendar year” in the good ole US of A, and for still others it is the Chinese New Year.                  
A year, however one defines it, is filled with challenges and conscious decision making, gifts, acts of generosity and love.  Our past year here at MuRefuge was about letting go and clearing out.  "Awake" attention and intention to clear out what no longer works and to review the letting go of one year to allow the flow of the next has become a practice for me.  All of us here at MuRefuge are ready to embrace the more than ample qi in this Year of the Water Dragon. 
I would be grateful to hear of your annual rituals, practices and preparations for a new year.  And

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  1. We start each new year with a gratitude list that equals the year's number. We welcomed this year with a list of 2,012 things to be grateful for. This was our 12th year doing this practice/gratitude list. I highly recommend it!