Friday, November 18, 2011

Monarchs and Murder

Another level of BEing ROOTED has been the discovery we live in an area of Sonoma County with the most termites.  I understand they ride the wind currents from Hawaii and probably points West.  Since we live on the North edge of the Wind Gap, they arrived to inhabit MuRufuge’s house.   BEing in  physical form as a termite is difficult at best!  Humans want to get rid of them and with the imbalance on the planet, their natural predators that keep them in check are not in great numbers.  
The humans here at MuRefuge put into motion murder of these BEings since the wood of the house was riddled with them.  Since we had to vacate our house to allow this process, Carmel for a few days seemed like a good getting away destination.
When we arrived at the lovely dog friendly Carmel Beach for some ocean experience, Rose was “beside herself”.  We thought is was the noise of the surf and her inability with three legs to negotiate the soft sand.  Later, in an email from Sandy, we realized she was distraught about the murder of all the BEings trapped inside of the tent over our house for fumigation.
The highlight of our four days down South was a lengthy morning visit with the hibernating Monarchs.

Upon our return, walking into our house, I felt the emptiness.  Our house no longer was inhabited by spiders, ants, termites nor any other living BEing.  The murder we set in motion, decimated the whole ecology similarly to the process of humans ingesting antibiotics.  The following day I smudged the house inside and out with White Sage grown here at MuRefuge.  Each room got a couple of spitzes of Rescue Remedy then several bunches of locally grown roses were divided into vases set in each room.  The healing and restoration of the ecology has been set in motion . . .

May each of your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with health, love and much gratitude.

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  1. how hard to balance our needs with those of other species! I am careful to cart critters outside when I find them in the house (well, except for the ants....) but if they were inhabiting the very structure, it would have to be another solution I fear. Somehow I am not surprised that Rose picked up on the carnage even at such a distance.
    As for the Monarchs, I have never seen them in their trees, but used to pass great flocks of them as I was driving between the Bay Area and Santa Barbara. They are such miraculous creatures and so beautiful. I hardly see butterflies anymore, just occasional swallowtails or white cabbage moths. Is it another fatality of our current lifestyle or do I just live in an unhospitable part of the world? Those that come around do love the butterfly bushes.
    Have good holidays and thank you again for sharing your vision and photos.