Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stella Is Ready, Willing and Able

Stella packed up and ready to leave on rainy December 02, 21014.
She trudged over Echo Summit and onto 395 where there was blowing snow. 
Slowly but surely we all arrived in Bridgeport. Snow! Ice! but safe!
Big Meadow Lodge, Bridgeport, CA
Notice all the snow has melted providing "smooth sailing" across Nevada.

Late afternoon clouds in Eastern Nevada
Rachel, Nevada on 375, known as the Extraterrestial Highway

Desert sunset

During the first three years of my life I spent much time with my paternal grandparents 
who then lived in Caliente, Nevada. Gramp was the pharmacist in this railroad town.
 During our stay many long (often with 4 engines) freight trains traveled through the 
town every day, usually beginning around 4 a.m.

Shasta and I had a walk about the town at least twice a day (sometimes Dwight joined us, other times not) while we were in Caliente. A few years ago a 2.3 mile walk about was completed through a $11.7 millon grant from the Department of Interior for trail, creek restoration. In the 90's the town experienced a terrible flood and the creek overflowed its bounds so federal assistance to confine the creek was sought and a park like atmosphere was created. Most of the plantings look to be native but it was hard to discern it being Winter and all. The walk is quite lovely and Shasta approved of the smells along the way and of the local barking dogs confined in their backyards we passed.

Gramp took me to the railroad station when I wanted to see
"glitter gultch"and the trains, of course, or so the story goes.
 Even in disrepair this remains an architectual masterpiece of the 1930's mission style.

Kolob Canyons, added to Zion National Park in 1956, essentially doubled its size.
Even though the entrance is just off I-15 it yet remains  "a great hidden treasure of Zion.

View from our patio at the Driftwood Lodge, Springdale, UT

Trail in the Springdale River Park, dog friendly and stunning.

Early morning on the Riverside Walk, Zion National Park

Late morning: Zion National Park in all her splendor

So much beauty one can only laugh


  1. Beautiful and thank you for posting.
    Very much enjoyed the pictures,
    Happy day to you, gail

  2. Another email received: "Thank you for sharing these absolutely stunning, awesome, gorgeous pictures!!!! I hope 2015 is full of blessings and good health and happiness for you and Dwight and Shasta and all the BEings! Love, Eszter, Larry and Shayna"

  3. Another email: "Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a nice trip and the weather didn't get in your way. In fact, it looks like the weather very much cooperated! I'll bet the month flew by fast. Anne"

  4. Wonderful photos. You are very talented. Happy 2015 to all 3 of you.

  5. Another lovely email: "Really beautiful pics, Cathie. Thank you. Its no wonder most fall in love with the southwest. Love to you both......A"

  6. Another email: "Great photos Cathie! Glad you had a good trip. We just signed up for a trip to the Mohave Desert with Michael Ellis in April. Hoping it is a good wildflower year. Let's have lunch soon and hear your stories.

  7. Yet another email: "Cathie-You aptly show why living in the Southwest is truly an experience all of its own. Your scenes remind one to live and breathe in peace and content. All the Best in 2015! Thanks for sharing,Shannon

  8. Another email: "Thank you again, Cathie!!
    Your road trip pics are remarkable ....stunning scenery! So appreciate and enjoyed viewing them. Also your new car looks amazing (love the name
    :-) too). Much Love and Joy,Vickie