Thursday, January 30, 2014

Interspecies Love

As Dwight and I walk Shasta down Hessel Avenue to Hessel Road we pass a small pasture with a black cow whom we call Miz Cow. Ever since Miz Cow has come to reside in this pasture Shasta bounds up to the fence to greet her if she is near the road.  Up until recently MIz Cow just did not know what to make of exuberant Shasta but this past week or ten days Miz Cow and Shasta have been making a sloppy connection through the fence. In fact Wednesday past as Shasta and I were walking past MIz Cow's pasture Miz Cow saw Shasta from midfield and came racing down to the fence to get a kiss from Shasta and give Shasta one big sloppy wet kiss with her very large cow tongue.

Today we took our camera with us just in case we would be presented with this wonderful exchange of interspecies love.  Here are the results

We certainly did 

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  1. This brings a wide smile to my face. Thank you.