Saturday, March 19, 2011


In the wake of the recent disaster in Japan and in an effort to quiet my self preservation instinct I am focusing on celebration.  This week the first of the migratory hummingbirds showed up at our feeders. Allen's hummingbirds are just so gorgeous!  A pair chase each other about our Roger Red grape vines, sitting for Dwight and I to have a close look at them.
The recent issue of Fremontia: Journal of the California Native Plant Society was filled with celebratory articles.  The most astounding related a discovery amidst the revamping of Highway 101 near the Presidio of San Francisco.  The presumably last wild, previously thought extinct, Franciscan manzanita (Arctostaphuylos franciscana) was found and moved through unparalleled conservation efforts.  Human BE-ings from various, and often cantankerous, organizations were able to pool their resouces to successfully relocate the "ten ton plant and soil monolith".  Clearly a cause for celebration!

The many varieties of California Wild Lilacs (Ceanothus) are blooming. 

Celebration continuing . . .

And there are the flowering currants and gooseberry bushes, too.

More celebration . . .

Before these last series of rain storms, Dwight was able to almost complete the rebuilding of the compost bins so Vickie and I can fill the bins with weeds.
Celebration of Dwight's nature!

As Dewitt Jones' encourages in his CELEBRATE WHAT'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD! may we each in our own way
give celebration.  

This Sharp-shinned Hawk gives celebration for the many birds who visit our shelled sunflower bird feeder that might provide breakfast?

Celebration of the natural cycle.

As you each
please consider sharing in the comment section below your own celebration.


  1. So grateful for your uplifting pics and "Celebration" message - will cherish all those celebration moments! Also great job on the new compost bins,Dwight!

  2. Celebration with compassion is our only way through the times of darkness - thank you for your uplifting post.

  3. I received this from Sandy Lagno and wanted to share with all of you.
    "Great post on celebration!. I tried to leave a comment and could not do it.
    To focus on celebration is inspiring. Our fear and pity serve no one.
    You celebrating your life sends that wonderful vibration around the globe
    to wherever it is needed.
    I have been doing my best to stay out of doom and gloom around Japan and
    rather see the Divine working with us. Helping us to grow and expand.

  4. And from my niece, Callie Weitzel, "I loved your most recent blog. Your pictures are beautiful and very relaxing to look at!"

  5. Thank you for sharing the lovely images and uplifting message. For me... right now I am celebrating small pleasures like a warm bed and clean water. (Oh and our power being on when people on either side of us are without! Sus says we are in a power bubble of love.)