Saturday, January 22, 2011

This n' That

Early in January we completed our vegetable bed make over
using basalt blocks purchased at and delivered by Friedman’s.
The older beds with old growth redwood were replaced and
three additional beds were built from scratch for artichokes, 
and for tomatoes and asparagus which are great companion 

The seeds I ordered have arrived.  FYI I ordered from the below 

The fallen curly willow received attention with the smaller branches
and twigs chipped separately and carried away.  These parts of the 
tree would have easily sprouted to give us gazillions of  curly willows.  
We have a luscious pile of chips awaiting application to the land.

The root will be chipped and the fence rebuilt once the area dries out. 

2011 talk/tours at MuRefuge:
Sunday, April 10 
Sunday, June 12
Sunday August 14
Each one will be from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, a change from last year 
when the mornings were so over casted and chilly for our time together.  
Hopefully this new time will be amenable for those of you wishing to 
The focus, of course,  will be on California natives.  You can check out the 
updated plant list which appears in the previous blog post.  If you would
like to have a plant list during the talk/tours please download the plant
list from this blog.
As in 2010 space is limited for each talk/tour so please register
by emailing me at
Directions will follow for those unfamiliar with MuRefuge’s location.
As last year the “fee” for attending is one bag of Organic Fox Farm 
Potting Soil.
In addition to the above dates, you may visit MuRefuge on May 22 by 
purchasing a ticket for the Gardens with Sculpture Tour which is a 
fundraiser for the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.  As the title of the 
tour suggests, sculpture will be for viewing and purchase.  Also, 4” pots
of California natives and edibles will be available for purchase, also.
40% of the proceeds will benefit the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
AND, at 11 am I will talk about Backyard Wildlife Habitat through the
National Wildlife Federation and at 2 pm about the North America 
Butterfly Association’s Butterfly Garden and Habitat Program.
As, the date for this event nears more information will be forthcoming.
Even tho’ we are having warm sunny weather, it is still Winter napping is good and 
comments are appreciated.



  1. I feel like I'm experiencing the garden with you - in stages. Thanks for doing this. Off to nap, it sounds like such a great idea.

  2. So amaazing and inspiring to see and read about all the garden transformations going on at MuRefuge-so grand! Many thanks for all the helpful updates and info!!