Saturday, October 30, 2010

Everything / Nothing

The dormant season is over. The rainy season has arrived here at MuRefuge . . . 
seems early to me yet I am grateful for all the moisture since planting all the
natives this Fall is now easy, almost effortless.  After a visit to Mostly Natives in Tomales, enjoying their 30% off all plants 
this month, I have many additions for MuRefuge's plant list started last Winter.  

And after gathering seeds from the native bunch grasses, planting them a couple 
of months ago onto in the seed planters, the expansion of the bunch grass prairies-- 
well, the plantings seems pretty minuscule to be called prairies-- is happening in 
the moist soil.  Those planted out last weekend in the rain are already putting 
up new grass shoots . . . nothing short of awesome!

MU by Micah Schwaberow and Sanae Nakajima
 A Christmas present for Dwight.

After moving into our house, we wanted to have a name for our place where we 
decided to put down roots.  Many labels were tried out.  "Refuge" seemed to want 
to be a part of the name.  What else?  Then we happened on "Mu" which is 
Japanese for "everything" and "nothing," embracing the whole, demonstrating 
polarity not opposites.  This Japanese word Mu seemed to say it all . . . 
our small plot of land with nothing, yet providing everything.  Several years 
later we received an invitation to attend "Asking the Way" featuring MIcah 
Schwaberow and Sanae Nakajima's absolutely stunning work at the Ren Brown 
Collection Gallery  One piece of their collaborative 
work enhances our entryway.

My brother, Tom
His daughter, Callie
Her daughter, Addie
with Mom, 96 years old this past July 4th,
who left her physical form a few weeks ago

even when things aren't funny

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